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I am McGoo

Hi! I'm McGoo, thanks for stopping by. 


Let me take you back, way back. I was perusing the shelves of the local LCBO when I came upon the "Best of Belgium" mixed pack with Stella, Leffe and Hoegaarden. It was then I discovered a life outside of Budweiser. 

Living on the fringe of macro beer hasn't always been easy. As a craft beer drinker growing up in a small rural town I've had to endure comments like "What kind of weird shit ya drinking now?" and "Can't you just drink normal beer?" But I have persevered to bring you this blog. 

When I am not sitting at the bar of a local craft brewery, I am planning my next trip to my second home Las Vegas. It was here I experienced my first craft brewery, 777 Microbrewery in Downtown Las Vegas. A place I still frequent to reminisce past Vegas trips over a pint of their Black Chip Porter. 

I am not a brewer or a cicerone, heck I had to check the spelling of cicerone. I am a lover of all beer styles and have a real passion for experiencing breweries and beer bars. My hope is that my passion and excitement comes through in this blog. 

Beyond beer I have a beautiful wife and son, work in project management, love punk rock, bbq and bourbon. Also, I've been thinking about buying a guitar for 10 plus years.  


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