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A Beer About Blog

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Whoa, do not write a blog entry after a couple DIPAs on the patio. What I meant to say is that this is a blog about beer.

River Road Brewing and Hops
Hey River Road, need a model? Call me

I've been tossing around the idea of writing a beer blog for far too long. I don't do anything quickly, unless you ask my wife (seriously don't). I just didn't think I could add anything to the Ontario beer writing space. There are many great blogs and podcasts out there that have carved out their own audience. I am one of those fans. I have since learned that when you have a craft beer scene so prolific and exciting as Ontario's, there is always room for more love, especially if presented in a fun and positive way.

I visited my first microbrewery in Las Vegas of all places. Main Street Station Hotel and Casino houses the 777 Restaurant and Microbrewery. I still remember walking in and seeing the brilliantly shining brew tanks displayed to the patrons like works of art. I was floored by the concept of a flight of beers and a rotational tap in which the brewer could produce WHATEVER beer they wanted. It was those experiences that led me to start writing Vegas trip reports. I know what you're thinking: people document and publish their Vegas exploits?! They do, and people read them. I really enjoyed conveying my love for Vegas through these trip reports.

Triple 7 Microbrewery, Las Vegas
Two flights and a head full of hair, those were the days!

I can't seem to drive more than 35 kms from my house without first looking up which brewery I can stop at for a flight or a couple to go. There is nothing better than pulling into the parking lot of a nondescript building in the industrial side of town. Seeing the sign of a brewery you've been dying to visit, opening the door, breathing in that sweet malty air and taking a seat at the bar. Excitedly pouring over the wall menu offerings. You've had the core offerings, but what could be on rotation? What's the latest experimental? You can get a real idea of a brewery's culture by hanging at their bar sipping through a flight.

Railway City Brewing Company, St. Thomas
The home of many dead elephants... some double dead

When I write about these breweries and beer bars I want to detail the full experience. So much so that it's as if you are sitting right next me contemplating which hazy to order next. Let's not forget about the beer, I will tell you about the beer. Everyone's tastes are unique and I will write about the style and how it tastes to me. I won't get into gravity or malt variations, I will leave that to the experts.

Fairweather Brewing, Hamilton Ontario
Picture yourself here, with me, but in the friend zone.

This blog is not a review site, there is no rankings or 6 out of 10s. I wouldn't want owners and brewers rating me. I hear that a 2 out of 10 becomes a 10 after 2? I'm not sure, I can't stay up that late. Owners and brewers put their life and love into these bars and breweries and I am not about to pee pee on their dreams. I deal with enough of that at home, aim for the cheerio! All service businesses have days that don't go well, I know I do. Off days happen and if they do I promise to present it in a constructive way with plans to return.

River Road Brewery and Hops Farn
I wanted to get all Sound of Music up in here.

I plan to showcase the little talked about breweries and beer bars that are in small towns or down the country roads. Sometimes what makes a beer so good is where you enjoy it. So when you are sitting around on a lazy afternoon finding any excuse to not clean the bathroom, you will think about my experiences and go enjoy these places for yourself.

"It's opener there

in the wide open air"

- Dr. Seuss

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